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Doulas -Birth, Photographers, Babywearing, Postpartum Support, Breastfeeding/Nursing/Bottle feeding, Childbirth Education, Birth Accessories, Natural Remedies (Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy), Pregnancy Keepsakes (Belly casting, mother's blessings), Diapers/Potty Training, Parenting Support (Baby Signs, etc)


CAD(MCU), CHD, CVD(TVL), PES, Certified Bengkung Belly Binding Practitioner, AAHCC

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Specialties: Low-risk, VBAC, High-risk, diabetes during pregnancy (Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes) My journey to become a birth doula started before I became pregnant with my first baby. I knew that I wanted to have an un-medicated birth, and having Type 1 Diabetes would make it harder to achieve. During my research I realized that many women don’t know their options during childbirth and many don’t even realize they HAVE options. After having my eyes opened into this magical world of birth I could not close them again, nor did I want to. I want to help every woman feel empowered, supported, knowledgeable, and excited for the birth of their baby.

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The Diabetic Doula- Karina Robinson

Karina Robinson
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