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Fertility & Family Planning

For many parents, planning starts long before conception! It's never too early to build a foundation for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • Resources for challenging fertility issues
  • Nutrition to boost fertility
  • Emotional and mental well-being

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All About Pregnancy

The pregnancy test is positive, now what?! Where do you even start? Let's get you started so you can make informed choices for yourself.

  • Picking the right type of provider
  • What to consider in birth choice options
  • Basic birth physiology and body awareness

Learn about the basics

Second Chance at Dream Birth

Maybe you already had a birth experience that was less than ideal or you want to try something different this time. What are your options?

  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-Section) options
  • Working through fears and doubts
  • Creating a new plan for this birth

make your next birth different

Creating Your Birth Team

Maybe you want just your birth partner or maybe you want a party in the delivery room! Who should be there and what role should they play?

  • Interviewing to find your ideal provider
  • inviting or not inviting certain people
  • creating a team that supports and holds you.

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Big Birthday Plans

This is your and your baby's birth day! Planning can be as easy and fun!

  • Mother's blessing ceremonies & showers
  • Catering (yes! food for you and your team!)
  • Mood lighting and surrounding yourself with beautiful and supportive things

build out your birth plan

Healthy & Happy Postpartum

The birth isn't the end of your birthing journey. The postpartum period is a beautiful time of healing, bonding and growth.

  • Creating a supportive postpartum team
  • Preparing the “nest” to support you
  • breast or bottle feeding and sleep planning

prepare for the future

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