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The Diabetic Doula- Karina Robinson




Karina Robinson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just four years old and while living with diabetes is all she's really known, its deeply impacted her life. When she and her husband decided that they wanted to try to get pregnant, Karina wanted her delivery to be unmedicated and if possible, at home. In their research of diabetes and pregnancy, they quickly realized that their dreams might not be a reality. A diabetic pregnancy is considered high risk.


They searched a long time to find an OB/GYN who was supportive of their birth plan and understood Karina's desires. Karina was able to deliver three healthy babies unmedicated with limited difficulties.


After her own experiences and witnessing others, Karina knew that she wanted to be a doula. She wants to support moms in a similar position be able to know that they aren't alone and they can have their birth desires.


What's Karina's favorite part of being a doula? She loves to watch the connection between mom and partner. The awe the sweeps over the partner and the "I did it!" moment from the momma is truly magical.


While living with diabetes can be difficult, it's still possible to have the pregnancy of your desires. Karina's best tips include finding a supportive provider who understands that you are in charge of your diabetes.


If you have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, it's also important to find someone who can help navigate your new diagnoses. There are many choices and things can differ from pregnancy to pregnancy, but everything can align and mom and baby can be happy and healthy.


Karina is a certified Doula specializing in Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. She enjoys puns, dad jokes, and spending time with her incredible family.


She teaches classes to parents and doulas about navigating diabetes and pregnancy. Get her class schedule and connect with her at https://diabetesandpregnancy.org/