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business just got easier.

You don't have to do this all alone. It's time to make a living doing what you're passionate about and serve who you're meant to - without overwhelm!

Birth Circle helps you find your ideal clients and make your birth business the best it can be!

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Your vision for better birth can heal the world.

To heal the world we have to fix birth.
And to fix birth, we have to keep birth workers in business!

We're in the business of keeping birth workers in business.

We've created the business tools and platform you need to feel supported while you pursue
creating safe, supportive and healthy solutions for your clients.

We're here to help you:

Share Your Expertise, Make a Lasting Impact

Publish and highlight your inspiring, practical, and beautiful content to help families find you and your services.

Write how-to articles.

Share your specialized expertise.

Create content that doesn’t get buried.

Nurture and Connect with Your Community

Host classes, circles, birth events and more and get the word out about topics you care about!

Organize a local event.

Find new attendees easier.

Find more collaboration opportunities.

Build a Thriving Business

Share your expertise with birthing families and professionals alike by building free or paid courses.

Attract students from all over the world.

Market your course no matter where it’s hosted.

Receive payments directly & easily.

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Grow your business sustainably on a platform full of clients already looking for you.

Birth Circle’s business tools are designed for birth professionals at every stage. Enhanced and Pro level accounts have access to:

Download contracts, templates, and other resources to get the ball rolling.

Clients can message you and pay for your services all in one convenient spot.

Creator team at your service to help you build your website, course, videos and more!

Request new resources and our team will create them for you!

Join a welcoming community
of parents and professionals.

Birth Circle is an inclusive platform and everyone is welcome! Our free accounts are always free to ensure everyone has a place in this circle.

It really does take a village. We aim to connect the right birth professionals to parents looking to build their birth team and to create connections between birth workers.

Whether you're a brand new doula who just started or the founder of a larger organization, we're all here to support each other.

Welcome to the circle!

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Don't burn out reinventing the birth
business wheel. It can be easy!

“Birth Circle built my business! “ has been a game-changer for me as a new doula! Their platform provided me with the exposure and networking opportunities I needed to connect with expectant parents, build my clientele, and establish myself as a trusted birth professional in the community.

Kara, Massage Therapist and Doula

“My practice is thriving! “

Birth Circle allowed me to network with other passionate individuals in the birth community and forge valuable partnerships that not only expanded my knowledge but also brought me in contact with potential clients who were seeking my services. Birth Circle is more than just a website; it's a nurturing community that has truly transformed my career and provided me with the support and connections I needed to thrive in this field.

Janice, Midwife

“Birth Circle was so easy to work with!“

I appreciated that Birth Circle helped me build out my profile and my content. They're birth workers too so they get what I needed as I started my business!

Jade, Doula

Free Access for Everyone, Always

We made it FREE because we believe EVERYONE belongs in this circle!
Birth Circle packed powerful tools into our FREE accounts so that everyone can find community, education, and support.

If you're ready to change the birth world for the better, join us as we heal the world one birth at a time.

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Top Features Always Free Enhanced Pro
Business Profile
Active Posts
Active Events
Host Courses No
Customer Support
Priority Email
Link to Birth Videos You're Featured In No
Accept Payments from Clients No
Free Advanced Courses and Trainings No
Classifieds No

Pro Exclusive Features
Access to Exclusive Business Services No No
Social Media Creation and Management No No
Custom Website No No
Video Editing for Courses or Social Media No No
Business Development Trainings No No
Take a Course for Certification (CEU) No No
Dedicated Account Manager No No
Virtual Assistant Task Management No No



Always free, really.
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Birth Circle is the space for you.

Community created for and by birth workers like you.

Our community is full of people who...
  • Run a purpose-based business to improve the lives of their clients and communities.
  • Foster compassionate communication with others to find solutions to problems in the birth world and for their clients.
  • Are committed to taking action, showing up for their community members, and in this for the long haul - lasting change takes time!
  • Innovate and aren't afraid to get creative to find new solutions to modern problems.
  • Believe compassion, connection, and honesty are the route to solving birth problems.

Birth circle is community run by real birth workers and our promise is to work for our community first and foremost — not to make any other business happy. You won't find any google ads on our site anywhere, only tried-and-true, invested partnerships we stand behind 100%.

We heal the world by healing one birth at a time.