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Power Pumping



What is the point of power pumping? ⠀

It’s meant to simulate a baby cluster feeding: which is a baby that eats frequently in sometimes small burts over time. This creates multiple “let downs” and gives the body the cue to increase supply. ⠀

✨ Who might benefit?⠀

Mamas who notice their supply has decreased. This could be from your period returning, going back to work or being away from baby for longer stretches of time. This can also helps Mamas who want to increase their supply early on after baby is born. ⠀

💥 There are a ton of variations to power pumping, and there is nothing magical about the “10 mins.” You could pump for 5 mins or 15 mins, but I rarely recommend pumping much longer than 15 mins. Your breaks don’t have to be timed either. You can be flexible with it! ⠀