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Can Postpartum Doulas Provide Lactation Support?



Yes! Although some doulas are not certified lactation counselors or IBCLCs, many people are surprised to find out we are often very knowledgeable in lactation! Most postpartum doula trainings and certifications require some form of lactation course, training, books and experience. And we absolutely love furthering our education with new podcasts, classes and books at all times!

Postpartum doulas can help with different nursing positions, give tips on increasing or decreasing your supply, how to store and thaw milk, which nursing pillow to buy, how much or often baby should be eating and more! We’re also there to provide emotional support through breast/chestfeeding struggles in your home. If it’s more than we can help with, we will refer you to on of our amazing IBCLCs or Lactation Counselors in the area. We can also recommend some classes to take before babies arrival!