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Baby Hunger Cues



Understanding baby hunger cues can be difficult for new parents (and that’s OKAY!) Many parents are often surprised to find out that crying is usually one of babies LAST cues or signs that they are ready to eat.

Learning the earlier cues can be super helpful to avoid a fussy baby and having an easier, more effective feeding session.

Babies will often show several signs of hunger before they begin to cry. Some benefits in noticing hunger cues, ensures smoother feeding session, helps you get to know your baby well, encourages your babies trust in you, builds a positive feeding relationship between you and baby.

Stages of hunger cues:
➡️Early hunger cues: stirring and opening their mouth, rooting, sucking on their hand,
smacking lips, opening and closing lips
➡️Active hunger cues: turning the head towards the chest, increased leg and arm movement,
breathing fast, squirming and fidgeting, hand to mouth movement
➡️Late hunger cues: Fussing, agitated, full blown crying, needing to be calmed down before

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