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Babies start to smile socially between 6-8 weeks of age?



Clients often ask when babies start to smile, it's such an exciting time for new parents and they can't wait for all the smiles and laughs every time they make a funny face at their baby, or they hear your voice. 😍

While babies actually have a reflex smile while they’re still in the womb (cool right?!), babies start to smile socially around 6-8 weeks of age. It will come faster than you think! (You'll have a phone full of smiley pictures in NO time! 📸) You’ll still catch some reflex smiles when they sleep or pass gas until then. 😅

⭐️TIP: When they do start to smile intentionally, be sure to encourage it by talking or singing so they can hear your voice and making different facial expressions with them, it’s great for their development!