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7 Things to do before baby arrives



Trying to figure out what to do before babies arrival? Here’s a few suggestions from a Postpartum Doula.

1. Refill your prescriptions - Make sure you’re full prepared with any medications you may need, so you aren’t making any late night trips to Walgreens when you get home!

2. Make a list of postpartum resources - having a list of a local IBCLC, chiropractor (for you and baby), postpartum therapist etc ready to go before babies arrival can prevent you from scrambling to find a specialist when you actually need one.

3. Stock up on household essentials - having extra toilet paper, dish soap, laundry detergent etc on hand before babies arrival will prevent you from running out with a newborn at home.

4. Take a childbirth class - if there is ANYTHING you can do for yourself before the arrival of your baby, take a childbirth class. Being familiar with the process can help you get the most out of your birth.

5. Choose a pediatrician - you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to interview pediatricians to ask them any questions you may have to ensure they align with your parenting views.

6. Take time to yourself - self care is essential, and spending time to yourself to do any hobbies or enjoy a few extra naps before baby comes is so important!

7. Make freezer meals - preparing freezer meals, subscribing to a freezer meal delivery service or having a plan for what you’re going to eat that first month home is essential. Having quick and healthy meals ready in your freezer is a HUGE help.

⭐️BONUS: 8. Hire a birth and postpartum doula (if you’d like one!) - having someone to help educate, support and advocate for you during your birth and postpartum is a must for many. Whether you want someone to help walk you through childbirth, or someone to help you get a full night of sleep or make you a nutritious meal when you get home - having a doula can completely change your childbirth and postpartum experience. Not to mention they can help with many of the other things listed like meal prep, providing a resource list for other professionals, childbirth classes, and supporting you every step of the way.