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5 Myths & Facts about Postpartum Doulas



“You’re a what doula? I thought there were only birth doulas..”

“We don’t need a Postpartum doula, my husband is taking paternity leave.”

“We can’t afford you.”

There are often misconceptions about the roles of postpartum doulas, what they do, how to pay for them, or when to hire them. We’re also OFTEN confused with birth doulas. Did you know there are SEVERAL types of doulas?!

A birth doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to a pregnant person during labor and delivery. They help the person prepare for childbirth, offer comfort measures during labor, and advocate for the person's wishes during the birth experience.

On the other hand, a postpartum doula (like us!) provides support to the new family after the baby is born. We help with tasks such as breastfeeding or lactation support, newborn care, light housework, and emotional support. Our goal is to help the family adjust to life with a new baby and ensure a smooth transition into parenthood. Whether we come to grocery shop and cook you dinner or give you a full night of sleep, everyone that wants postpartum support deserves it. ❤️