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Bhava Birth

What You'll Learn:
  • Birthing is becoming
  • Emotional Readiness
  • Integrating Fear
  • Evidence-Based Research
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques
  • Prenatal Nutrition & Ritual
  • Kundalini & Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Creating personalized Birth & Postpartum Maps
  • Hands-On, Partner-Supported Labor Techniques
  • Labyrinth Art Project for meditation
  • Stages of Labor & Alternative Outcomes
  • Optimal Birthing Positions for any setting
  • Natural Remedies for Birther & Baby
  • Bodyfeeding Information & Support
  • Personal Empowerment & Self-Discovery
  • Those with a yoga background will appreciate the depth of this content, but it is by no means expected or required. This course is appropriate for beginners and advanced yogis alike.
Who this course is for:
  • Those who want to prepare for birth in mind, body, and soul
  • Those who value a multidisciplinary approach to childbirth preparation
  • Those who consider birth to be a potentially transformative experience
  • Those who value inclusivity and are supportive of all birthers choices
  • Those who value research and evidence based practices
  • Those who believe that birth doesn't have to be painful, scary, or traumatic
  • Those who are trauma survivors and want more tools for navigating childbirth
  • Those who are seeking to deepen their sense of intuition and give birth fully present
Who this course is NOT for:
  • Not for those uninterested in yoga, both as a practice and a way of life

Stephanie Sorensen, CYT, CD, CBE

Date of Release

January 1, 2021

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Bhava Birth Education Course

Course Description

Bhava Birth is a comprehensive childbirth education course that also happens to have incredible relevance for life. The skills and insights you learn here will benefit you long after your baby is born and will set a tone for empowered parenthood. Bhava Birth fully endorses the truth that beautiful, sacred, and empowered birth happens in every setting with every kind of intervention. Whether you're choosing to birth out of hospital, with an epidural, or by cesarean, we honor you and are committed to helping you navigate and create an empowering birth experience. Bhava Birth will teach you how to ensure that interventions happen FOR you, not TO you while also fostering a healthy mindset of non-attachment to specific outcomes. You will finish this course with the ability to trust the natural unfolding of your unique birth and prevent the trauma of unmet expectations. You can't control birth, only your response to it.

You will learn a wide variety of yogic breathing, mindfulness, and meditation practices that can be practiced and used for coping during labor. Along with those effective tools, you will dive deep into the philosophical realm, exploring birth through an ancient and illuminating yogic lens. This course is comprehensive, covering everything from prenatal ritual, anatomy, birth preferences, hands-on partner support, emotional processing tools, and postpartum support planning.

This yoga and meditation-based course was created by Stephanie Sorensen, CD, CBE, CYT, to fill in the gap in modern childbirth education. It represents thousands of hours of training and research in the practices of childbirth, meditation, and yoga. You don't have to "do" or be "good" at yoga to benefit, because yoga is simply a lens through which we view childbirth in a more expansive, transformative way. Bhava Birth combines and adapts all the best known methods of childbirth preparation, including Lamaze, Bradley, and Hypnobabies (which were derived from yogic concepts). It is also influenced by: Syl Carson (Bodhi Yoga), Bruce Newman (Calm Birth), Pam England (Birthing From Within), Gurmukh (Khalsa Way), Rebecca Dekker (Evidence Based Birth), and Frederick Leboyer's works. Instead of having to read dozens of birth books, the Bhava Birth manual compiles it all into one!

Whatever ends up being your birth experience, it's the perfect opportunity for transformation. Let us give you the childbirth tools you need to become the very best version of YOU.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Sacred Space part 1
  • Chapter 2 - Sacred Space part 2
  • Chapter 3 - Sacred Space part 3
  • Chapter 4- Meditation part 1
  • Chapter 5- Meditation part 2
  • Chapter 6- Meditation part 3
  • Chapter 7- Meditation part 4
  • Chapter 8- Partner-Supported Labor part 1
  • Chapter 9- Partner-Supported Labor part 2
  • Chapter 10- Birth Descent part 1
  • Chapter 11- Birth Descent part 2
  • Chapter 12- Birth Descent part 3
  • Chapter 13- Birth Descent part 4
  • Chapter14- Birth Descent part 5
  • Chapter 15- Postpartum Ascent part 1
  • Chapter 16- Postpartum Ascent part 2
  • Bonus: 7 birth professional interviews
  • Bonus: 4 trimester specific yoga classes
  • Bonus: Mandala Yoga Sequence
  • Bonus: Fire Burning ritual
  • Bonus: Mother's Circle
  • 19 Guided Meditation Mp3 Tracks
  • 16 Pranayama Mp3 Tracks
  • 15 Yoga Chant & Lullaby Mp3 Tracks
  • 350+ page manual (mailed to your home)

Course Features

  • Printable Worksheets
  • 12 hours of video
  • Time to Complete: 12 hours
  • Language: English
  • Access for 12 months
  • Subtitles: NO
  • Certificate