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Baby Holland was diagnosed with Spinda Bifida while still in the womb. Her doctors had to make extra precautions to make sure she was safe. Holland had to be delivered at the University of Utah hospital because they had the right technology to care for her, but mom and dad lived in Idaho. They were put in a helicopter and flown to the UofU hospital, where lots of family was there to support them. When it came time for baby to come, the hospital was so gracious to let me into the special room to film, so I put some scrubs on and headed in! Mom did a great job pushing and she was born in just a few rounds of pushing with the help of a some tools to get her out quicker for safety reasons. Mom and dad got to see her for just a few seconds before they passed her through the window to the NICU nurses to make sure she was okay. Dad was able to go be with baby Holland right away. After they made sure she was temporarily okay, they brought Holland into mom’s room and she was able to see her and touch her and hear her little cries. It was really a special moment. Holland had surgery to fix her Spina Bifida shortly after and is doing great!
August 25 2018
United States - Utah
University of Utah
Video id# 587
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