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Thanks for submitting a video! Please read these submission guidelines

Submission Guidelines
  1. Videos must be posted publicly. No passworded videos.
  2. You do not need to know those featured in the video. It just must be a publicly viewable video.
  3. Submit as many details below as possible.
    If you don't know, leave blank. Preference in placement on page is given to videos with more complete submissions.
  4. Videos should be live-action. Photos mixed in is OK, but the video should not be primarily a slideshow.
  5. Do not submit videos with extremely visible angles of areas typically covered by a bikini. Crowning and breastfeeding shots are OK as long as they are discrete. One of the purposes of this library is to provide a resource for everyone to see what non-traumatic birth can look at. Birthing parents may invite children, friends, a spouse, and grandparents to view these films as part of their birth preparation. Please be sensitive to all audiences and aim to provide content that keeps the focus on the birth experience and not the personal aspects that are not needed to be seen to tell the story.
NOT published with the video. You remain anonymous. You may be contacted in the future to add more details as more search categories are created.