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Richelle Jolley

Counties Served: Utah county, Salt Lake county

Credentials: Certified Professional Midwife
Company: Richelle Jolley, CPM
Office: 801-369-9178
Listing id# 52


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on 09/11/2019

Richelle was exactly what I needed when I needed it. She is incredibly knowledgeable I felt safe and well taken care of during a complicated pregnancy. She is informative as well as intuitive which gave me confidence to make choices throughout pregnancy labor and postpartum. She supported my husband and I through the labor allowing us to have the birth we had always envisioned. You won't find another midwife who will love and genuinely care about you like Richelle!

on 08/18/2019

Richelle attended the birth of our seventh child and was a fabulous in every way!! Throughout our prenatal care, we feel like we were her only patient. She made it a priority to take the time to establish a good relationship of trust with me and was very thorough in her approach to helping me prepare both physically and emotionally for another birth. For every pregnancy concern I had, she was ready with herbal recommendations and resources to help resolve the issue. We had a beautiful water birth followed by severe hemorrhaging, and Richelle handled the emergency calmly and capably, including administering oxygen and Pitocin, applying pressure on my uterus to keep it contracted, and even catheterizing me. We feel like Richelle and her team literally saved my life. We will be forever grateful for her services and assistance in bringing the most healthy, beautiful baby boy into the world. I wholeheartedly recommend Richelle and her team!

on 08/15/2019

I absolutely LOVE Richelle! She is so knowledgeable, empowering, professional, warm and nurturing — everything you could ever want and need in a Midwife. After having a traumatic “emergency” c-section at the hospital that was brought on by unnecessary and unwanted medical interventions one after another with my first, I was on a mission to take back my voice and power as a woman and mother when it came down to making the decisions on how I wanted to bring my next baby into this world. I decided having an all natural home birth was right for me. My midwife with my second birth was okay, but I felt was doing the bare minimum. I would drive to her office, step on the scale, have my blood pressure read and she would just ask me how I was feeling— I really could have done this all myself and just reported back to her. Right after successfully delivering the baby at home, she rushed me to use the bathroom before I was ready and I fainted:/ She kinda freaked out and called the ambulance - which I ended up back in the hospital. Turns out all I needed was some rest. I was happy I had a successful delivery and a happy baby but this Midwife wasn’t very attentive and didn’t listen the best. SO with my third pregnancy, I knew I needed to interview midwives before committing. I interviewed Richelle along with 5 other midwives. Instantly Richelle made me feel welcomed, and after asking a few questions I felt that she knew her stuff;) So I picked her— I’m soooo glad I did! When I would go to my prenatal appointments, l actually received value from them! It didn’t feel like it was a waste of time like with the previous Midwife. Every concern I had, she was able to answer all of them confidently. I knew that once labor began and if anything out of the ordinary were to happen, that Richelle is more than competent and would handle it like a boss. The delivery went beautifully. Richelle coached me and my husband through everything just the right amount- she wasn’t overbearing by any means - she was just perfect. The WHOLE experience with her, from the first appointment to the last post-delivery follow up was wonderful! I joked and told Richelle I would have another baby just to have her be my Midwife again. I wish I found her sooner. I will always be so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Richelle and her top notch service.

on 05/23/2017

Let me tell you about Richelle. Now I do not get star-struck very often. I couldn't care less about celebrities or authority. So when I feel like falling to my knees to praise someone, you know it's really big for me. Richelle helped me bring my 2 baby girls into this world. Richelle is--- Gentle. Everything about her is graceful, refined and sweet. Selfless. One day after my 3rd baby and while in the depths of post-partum, Richelle showed up on my doorstep in her grubbies and said "what can I do for you today?" Seriously! Who does that? It was one of the single most important days of my life. She showed me what true love is. Respectful. Before ever touching me, she always asked permission. She also went out of her way to make sure my husband understood all the options and what was going on. Skilled. Without too many details, let's just say that her command of the needle is flawless. And if you (hypothetically speaking, right?) need an IV and oxygen, she'll whip 'em out and hook you up in a second! She'll even use the hook for the picture above your bed to hang her IV bag. Creative, eh? Well... I mean hypothetically... Intelligent. I dare you to ask her something about herbals or diet that she hasn't already heard. Go ahead. Try it. Beautiful. She's always beautiful. She claims she looks tired. Whatever.

on 02/20/2017

Richelle is a great midwife!! She delivered 2 of my babies. She takes the time to get to know her clients and she has great nutritional advice. I also tore with both and her stitching was well done. She is very very busy, so my advice would be to call her the minute you know you're pregnant!

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