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Credentials: Certified Professional Midwife
Experience: 18 years
Company: Richelle Jolley, CPM
Cell: 801-369-9178
Office: 801-369-9178
Listing id# 52

1319 South 400 East
Springville, ut 84663
Serving +75miles

Richelle Jolley

2 reviews

Counties Served: Utah county, Salt Lake county


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on 05/23/2017

Let me tell you about Richelle. Now I do not get star-struck very often. I couldn't care less about celebrities or authority. So when I feel like falling to my knees to praise someone, you know it's really big for me. Richelle helped me bring my 2 baby girls into this world. Richelle is--- Gentle. Everything about her is graceful, refined and sweet. Selfless. One day after my 3rd baby and while in the depths of post-partum, Richelle showed up on my doorstep in her grubbies and said "what can I do for you today?" Seriously! Who does that? It was one of the single most important days of my life. She showed me what true love is. Respectful. Before ever touching me, she always asked permission. She also went out of her way to make sure my husband understood all the options and what was going on. Skilled. Without too many details, let's just say that her command of the needle is flawless. And if you (hypothetically speaking, right?) need an IV and oxygen, she'll whip 'em out and hook you up in a second! She'll even use the hook for the picture above your bed to hang her IV bag. Creative, eh? Well... I mean hypothetically... Intelligent. I dare you to ask her something about herbals or diet that she hasn't already heard. Go ahead. Try it. Beautiful. She's always beautiful. She claims she looks tired. Whatever.

on 02/20/2017

Richelle is a great midwife!! She delivered 2 of my babies. She takes the time to get to know her clients and she has great nutritional advice. I also tore with both and her stitching was well done. She is very very busy, so my advice would be to call her the minute you know you're pregnant!

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