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Megan Zabriskie Watson

Hi! I'm Megan, your Empowered Birthing Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Women's Circle Facilitator, and Intuitive Energy Work Facilitator. I created Mothers' Healing Circle as a safe and supportive space for moms to do their own emotional inner work, so they can show up in birth and their families how they desire - with enjoyment and freedom and empowerment! I am especially passionate about supporting pregnant moms in preparing emotionally for birth. You can feel confident and ready for birth by letting go of fears and limiting beliefs, clearing past birth experiences, reconnecting with your body and intuition, and reclaiming your power as the amazing birthing goddess you already are! If you feel ready to take ownership of your own fears and emotions and step into a more empowered place for your birth, I'd love to work with you!

Credentials: Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Women's Circle Facilitator, Intuitive Energy Work Facilitator, Empowered Birthing Coach
Company: Mothers' Healing Circle
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