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Emily Hunsaker Thrive Guide

The Thrive Guide is your avenue for keeping your cup filled. If you are a mama who loves personal development, self-help, and goal-setting, this journal is for YOU. The Thrive Guide is a goal-oriented journal designed to show moms their full potential. It is a way for moms to learn and practice self-love. The guide includes prompts throughout with topics on everything from nutrition/health to personal development. And, it makes for the perfect baby shower gift! Purchase this guide as a gift to spoil an expecting mama! Here is a breakdown of the guide contents: PERSONAL POSTPARTUM PLAN: Create your own personal postpartum plan! Includes a section to input contact information for your "Soul Savers" (aka, people who are there to help you after baby comes). Also includes pages where you can identify your plan for health, nutrition, fitness/activity, sleep, personal development in the fourth trimester. MAMA MANTRAS: Mantras are a fantastic way to remember your self-worth and practice grounding every day. Establish your own 5 mantras for the year - and choose one to focus on each day! MONTHLY GOAL-SETTING: At the beginning of each month is a "monthly goal page", where you can establish goals in areas like nutrition, social health, career/finance, and more! DAILY JOURNAL PAGES: Daily pages have sections to practice gratitude, social health, "to-do" list, affirmations, goals for tomorrow, and more. BIWEEKLY ACTIVITIES: These pages are to be completed every two weeks and center on things like mindfulness, minimalism, reflection, positivity, self-confidence, growth, and service to name a few! EVALUATION: Evaluation pages are included in the beginning and end of the journal so that you can see how you have grown throughout the year.

Credentials: Author, creator, and postpartum birth supporter
Company: Thrive Guide LLC
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