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Your body knows how to give birth safely



In almost every birth/pregnancy FB group I am in there are women expressing their desires for a homebirth or more hands off approach to labor, but there is so much fear around the decision. Either they are fearful or their partners are. Why? Maybe because the medical system, movies, shows, and others horror stories portray it to be dangerous. It’s what we’ve been led to believe, but should we fear it? I don’t think so. Do I believe women were created and designed to give birth? Yes! I also believe there is a lot of work that goes into it before labor even starts though. Understanding physiological birth and what our bodies do during labor will greatly decrease the fear surrounding it. I don’t believe we need inductions, Pitocin, most cesareans, continued fetal monitoring, and all the other interventions that lead to trauma during labor. Can these interventions be necessary & life saving? Yes! They shouldn’t be automatic or the norm though. I believe so much fear surrounding birth would be eliminated with the right mind set, and trust in our bodies. What do you think?