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Trista's Angel Baby




My name is Trista and I am the mom of an angel baby named Tristan. My son would have been 1 years old as of January 2nd 2020, Sadly he was born with a condition called bilateral Multicystic Kidney Dysplasia. This made it impossible for him to be able to live in the outside world for long. Despite all of our efforts we made during pregnancy. 


He made it to 31 weeks gestation in my womb and I was able cherish every single movement, kick, and hiccup I was able to feel during that time. 


He was born by crash c-section due to an umbilical cord prolapse and lived in the NICU on life support for 2 days. Sadly his life on earth came to an end after his body was too tired and started to not react to medication or 100% oxygen. The first time I was able to hold him was his last moments alive. 


Unfortunately the world never stops for those who are grieving and medical systems still have to charge for what was done for him and I. So I am working on paying off the medical bills that we now have because of this. I am a birth doula and love everything that I do for moms. I have found an incredible community of other moms and parents that are also grieving their babies that never made it home. And it has been very eye opening to how many of us there are (1 in 4 families have gone through a loss) and knowing that we are never in this alone has been a huge help in my grieving process.


I am hoping to raise money to get our medical bills paid by creating these shirts for you. It is so important for me that you have something tangible to remember your baby(ies). For me I love knowing that my son will not be forgotten even though he was never able to come home with us. I know that many families of loss feel the same. Everytime you see or put on this shirt I hope it can bring warmth to your heart knowing that your baby(ies) will never be forgotten.


I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and help me on this journey to celebrate our children and celebrate those Rainbow babies we now have or hope to have one day. 


Thank you for not only supporting my family but all of the babies that never made it home and their grieving families.


Read Tristan’s full birth story and see images of him by following this link: 

Blog | Transformed Maternity & Birth


To buy shirts:


All proceeds will help pay off medical debt from losing our son. Any proceeds made that exceed our medical debt will be donated to another loss family to go towards their medical debts. Help us exceed our goal and help as many as we can while also wearing an amazing shirt hand designed by me, Trista Birdzell, mom of Tristan.