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The Wedding Dress of Labor



April and Aleena are birth goddesses by day and sisters and moms by night. April has 5 children and experienced  about every type of birth you can imagine without actually being in a hospital. Aleena's four children include a set of twins! The sisters are both doulas and quickly answered the call of birth work.

April's desire to feel beautiful when giving birth, began a search for a birth gown that not only made her feel comfortable and elegant, but also was functional for her team to help her through her births.

Aleena, while helping a new mom through her labor noticed she was wearing something functional like a hospital gown, but it was different. It was gorgeous. 

The two sisters put their ideas together and Dear Darby was born.

Dear Darby offers stylish, functional, and stunning gowns that can be worn not only in labor but also postpartum. The gowns are completely customizable. From different skirt lengths, different sleeves, and colors, each dress comes with built in bra cups, buttons and snaps to help with monitoring, as well as skirt removal.

April said, "I wore my gown for probably a month after my baby was born. Because of the design of the gown, its perfect for breastfeeding, skin to skin, and it's so comfortable." The gowns are made from machine-washable, swimsuit like fabric that can also be worn in water. So they are functional for many types of births. The labor gowns even got the stamp of approval from medical staff for functionality. 

A hospital gown can often symbolize being sick, disease or a body not functioning properly. There's an anonymous ordinary-ness to the traditional hospital gown. The women at Dear Darby believe that you should feel powerful, beautiful, strong, and confident when you're in labor. Your mood can change drastically depending on what you're wearing.  "Giving birth is a sacred event that makes a woman into a mother. It doesn't matter if she's a first time mom or this is her fifth birth. She should feel empowered, not disposable" says April. 

Dear Darby has women raving about the how their labor gowns made them feel during childbirth. Many women love that they can remain modest during this moment in their life. The labor has helped women also heal from previous traumatic births.

April and Aleena recount the experience of Jane*, who after a traumatic birth that ultimately resulted in losing her baby, now struggled with her upcoming birth. She needed the things that she could control to be different during this birth. She was scouring the internet trying to find something to replace the hospital gown that she had worn in her first birth. When she stumbled upon Dear Darby and when she saw the floral top with the butterflies, she was sold. Butterflies were a symbol of love for her and she needed absolutely to feel surrounded by love.

As well as doulas, April and Aleena are birth educators and near to launching a new online childbirth class focused on unmedicated births in the hospital.

To purchase your labor gown and keep up with April and Aleena, visit deardarby.com

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*name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

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