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Queen Bee Postpartum Shorts- Product Review



I had my baby on September 11, 2020.  I was sent home from the hospital a few days later and had leave my baby in the NICU. I was home hit didn’t have a baby to take care of so I was kind of forced to think about my recovery and focus on myself. When I got home and I wasn't being checked on by nurses or being wheeled to see my baby I had a lot of time to think about everything that had happened. Labor was nothing like I expected it to be, but even more than that recovery was nothing like I expected. I wasn't expecting my stomach to feel so….loose? Squishy? Basically unrecognizable. I started to compare how my body was before vs. now. Before I started wearing the shorts I gave myself a few days to relax in comfy sweats and give my body a chance to catch up after a 40 hour labor and 2 hours of pushing.


The packaging is simple. I like that it comes in a cute little bag and it's not just wrapped in plastic. When you first open it there are two cards. One of the cards has the washing instructions on it which I love! I hate having to search for the tag and then find the material and instructions. Most of the time I forget to even check so it was nice having that as the first thing I read so I don't forget how to wash them.




The fabric of the shorts feels so durable. It's thick but also light weight. They have a nice stretch and I love that they're black!

Right now the bicycle shorts trend is in so I actually felt very stylish wearing these. I personally would have liked them to be a little shorter but I checked their website and they actually have a similar pair that is shorter.

I carried my baby very low so I found the part of the shorts that's supposed to fit around your belly a little high but it was still very effective. I could have benefited from a a slightly larger size, It took a while for my belly to go down so at first these were very tight and when I would bend over it was restricting. However, I know if I had a bigger size they would have been perfect. As a plus size woman I have been through several pair of pants that have to be thrown away because of thigh chafing wearing down the fabric. With these shorts I love that even though they are tight, I don't get that chafing feeling.

After just a couple days of wearing them I could definitely feel a difference. My stomach still looked the same but It felt like my skin was tighter.

After a few weeks of wearing these my stomach had gone down and my abdominal muscles felt firmer. I just had a baby so obviously my body is going to be different but these shorts made me feel tighter and 'put together' in a sense. Our bodies are amazing and they know what to do. I know if I didn't wear these shorts my body would have done it's thing and found a new normal. These shorts just helped the process. I didn't feel like I was going against my body with them like some other postpartum products do. They aided my body in finding its new normal.  Even three months later my stomach is still adjusting. I'm coming to find out that  It doesn't happen in days or weeks like it does for some people. My body has taken a while to adjust and it's nice to have products that help!


35 Weeks- Right before I had my baby.


1 week postpartum

1 week 5 days postpartum 


This product is definitely for all moms who just had a baby and wants some extra help with their postpartum belly. Their sizes are pretty limited, so if you're an XL or smaller these are for you! 



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