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Natural Fertility Help


Obviously I am NOT a doctor.  This is just what I used.  PLEASE consult your healthcare professional!  My post is NOT medical advice and shouldnt be taken as such.  Find a health professional you trust.
I have struggled with infertility.
One of my favorite books is “Taking Charge of your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. It taught me so much about how to understand my fertility signs, and by tracking my basal body temperature I figured out where my hormones were off (my progesterone was low). I was still breastfeeding my 10 month old, and having low progesterone while breastfeeding is apparently very common— but the doctors had no idea how to fix it. “Get on birth control to regulate your hormones”, they recommended to me. Yeah.. right. So that’s when I reached out to my Grandma who was a homeopath.
Here are her recommendations. I took the supplements she recommended and actually got pregnant within a month. I’ve used the same things a couple times and gotten pregnant really quickly each time.
Thyroid liq (10 drops 2x daily)
Female liq (10 drops 2x daily)
Ovarian drops (10 drops 2x daily)
Bio-Cardiozyme (4 capsules daily)
Progesterone cream (She specifically recommended the brand pictured. Not all progesterone creams are created the same! This tub I bought on Amazon)
I found strong evidence that said to apply progesterone only AFTER ovulation— so that’s what I personally did. My OB had me continue using the progesterone cream until week 13 (if I remember correctly), because by that point the placenta (not the corpus luteum) kicks in and begins producing progesterone. 
I think it’s important to continue the drops through the first trimester. I weaned myself slowly from them; I didn’t want my body to go crazy and possibly induce a miscarriage.