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My Birth Story by Mallory Newman



My birth story is one that I will never forget. I started having swelling in my feet on Saturday morning, May 2, and Sunday afternoon, May 3, I had a headache and my blood pressure was high. I went to see my Midwife and after talking about my symptoms she recommended I go to the University of Utah.


We went home and got our three bags—mine, Brandon’s and baby Matt’s. I was upset to be at the U because I was told I might need to be induced and that was NOT part of my birth plan. I had an immediate IV in my hand was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension or gestational hypertension. I was not diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which was the concern. I was given an IV at 7pm on Sunday night and transferred or admitted to labor and delivery. My nurse was Ashlie, and my midwife was Elizabeth. I barley slept with blood pressure checks every 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and then every 30 minutes.


After being tested for COVID-19, I was allowed to move into another room for water birth to begin labor. The contractions were very painful, and the midwife said I had “hours” of pushing to go which was really disheartening. My nurse was Leslie and my midwife was Sarah. Brandon and Leslie helped give me positive affirmations. Plus, the MD had me sign a permission paper for an epidural, so everything was in place. I was done. I also had a nurse braid my hair and wore my Haku Lei for support.


Once the epidural was in place, I felt great, and only pushed the button for more medication twice when advised. I could still feel the contractions. The epidural made it hard to move, and I labored in great pain every way possible to deliver Baby Matt. Even with this incredible struggle, Baby Matt still was not ready to come. The situation was quickly becoming an emergency.


It was then that my midwife, Kristine, recommended that I talk with the medical team about turning him manually. He was sunny side up. The midwife and the MD both tried twice. It was extremely painful, but thankfully I had the epidural. Unfortunately, it did not work.


Next, the forceps were recommended. The first attempt didn’t work and at this point I was pushing for about 5 hours—from a little before 9pm to 1am. Brandon really was hoping for the Star Wars “May the Fourth be with you” birthday but Baby Matt was not moving down. The delivery team told me it was “now or never,” otherwise Baby Matt would require a C-section.


After “one more big push,” and between my yelling and praying at the same time, Baby Matt was finally born. It was 1:09am on May 5th and chaos with 20 people in the room. Baby Matt had to be suctioned and evaluated. Brandon followed him to the nursery. We were discharged to postpartum at 4am. My nurse also happened to be one of my past students from Ameritech!


The team here at the U has been amazing. Even though this is not what I pictured, I know that angels and Heavenly Father and Mother were looking out for me. The spirit was strong, and prayers are answered!


Part 2


Baby Matt has to stay overnight, so Brandon and I are going to stay with him.


He did not pass his left hearing screen so that will be repeated at noon today. It is probably because he was laying on his left side with his ear against our chest that is probably why nothing to be too concerned about.


Jaundice is normal in newborns especially with the blood break down he will be on Billy lights for three hours come off and nurse with me and go back on under the lights the lights that are set up in our room.


There’s nothing we did wrong. In fact, we had him on our chest 21 of the first 24 hours so that helped reduce the jaundice but he still just had some high levels found via his blood test. He is nursing really well and sleeping in between.


I’m doing my best to deal with the pain, and am grateful for the help the doctors and my husband for helping me make it through. I slept for about 6 hours since Monday 7 am so I need to sleep more. It helps me make more milk that baby Matt needs, so that is my number one priority.


Baby Matt has almost no complications from his traumatic birth and is “perfect.” Excited for everyone to meet him and thanks again for all the positive energy and prayers! We have definitely seen the Hand of the Lord and felt the spirit.