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Lincoln’s Birth (The Touch of Life)



I can’t wait to link Sarah’s version of her birth story when it appears online, but for now. you’ll have to hear my side of the story.

This was a very sweet experience for me.  Sarah is one of my closest friends.  10 years ago to the day, I filmed her beautiful wedding in San Diego, California.  So now to the birth story….

On Thursday night, Sarah sent me a text to let me know she thought she was in labor.  Since she’d had 2 c-sections before, she wasn’t really sure what labor actually felt like.  I slept in my clothes with my phone by my ear, but she didn’t call during the night.  The next afternoon, she sent me another text telling me that the midwife had just arrived and she was dialated to an 8!  I was in a meeting and didn’t even have my camera with me.  I had my husband bring me my camera and I headed to Salt Lake!

Sarah’s birth was so perfect.  She was incredible!  I arrived at 3pm and Lincoln was born at 4:42.

And Sarah actually has a wonderful birth blog!


At this birth, I had the pleasure of getting to know:
Melody Pendleton
Debbie Gordon (www.NurturingInstincts.com)
Roxanna (need contact information)