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Ideas to support a bereaved family



Ideas to support a bereaved family

✨don’t show up empty handed.
no gift is too small! homemade food, bereavement basket,framed picture, card, self care items, sitz bath

✨ Hold space for the family.
Most families find it helpful to talk about their experience. Hold space for their emotions to wash over them. Listen to what they want to share with you. If appropriate ask them about their baby, i.e. What their favorite feature was, did they notice how dark their hair was, etc.

✨Have resources for keepsakes.
Get to know who in your community offers resources for grieving families. Helpful keepsakes could include: hand/foot mold & prints, matching bracelets for mom & baby. Lock of hair, clothes baby touched. Breastmilk keepsake, umbilical keepsake, photos.

✨Grieve with the family.
During this time we want to be a pillar to lean on for the family. However, it is alright to cry and mourn with their loss. This baby mattered and their pain matters as well.

✨Offer help cleaning up baby items. If appropriate return early to the family’s home, maybe with a close family member to pack away the baby items and nursery. Oftentimes it is too much for a grieving couple to come home to a fully prepared nursery with empty arms. If the family isn’t ready at that time to pack things away, offer to come help when they are. It’ll be an emotional time.

With anything, some of these ideas will be more helpful then others and greatly depends on the family you’re working with. Be gentle and sensitive with the family and yourself.🤍