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Doulas help expectant fathers be the most amazing dad



I know it’s #worlddoulaweek and all, but we’ve worked with some amazing dads and since they’re going to be with moms and babies forever, their place matters so much more than ours in birth. When we meet with women in pregnancy, we like to hear what their needs are. As women articulate their desires, they are able to share with their partners specifically what is important for their birth. This is such important communication!

It does not always happen, but we try to meet dads in at least one prenatal appointment. We want them to feel comfortable with us, to feel comfortable asking questions, and to know what to look out for in birth situations.

And in birth, our presence allows dads to provide comfort in more intimate ways - “more intimate touching of the mother’s head and face,” (which boosts oxytocin & helps increase pain tolerances!)

Also, if baby has to be removed from mother’s chest (and American hospitals do this far too often), dad’s can more easily step away with the baby to advocate when a doula stays with mom.

That is our goal, always - to help you be stronger together. ❤️
SOURCE: “The Doula Book,” Klaus & Kennel et al, p. 136 & 106