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1. Comparison of Doula Business Models Chart
Do you want to establish an independent doula practice or a partnership? Join an existing doula collective? Work for a doula agency or start one of your own? This detailed chart examines a variety of doula business models, highlighting the pros and cons of each model across several parameters. As you study the chart, a picture of the model that best suits your personality, skills and goals should emerge.

2. Personal Inventory Exercise
All small business owners need to wear different hats. It's not enough to just be good at what you do to be successful (though that is a huge part of it!). A variety of other skills and personal qualities are needed. Maximize your strengths and undertake whatever is necessary to address your weaknesses to increase your chances of success over time. Becoming self-aware is the first step.

3. Examining Our Beliefs about Money Exercise
Is your relationship with money a positive force in your life? If not, can you begin to cultivate new thoughts, influences, beliefs, choices, behaviors—in a sense, re-program yourself? Consider your beliefs about Scarcity and Abundance. How can we let go of deeply held limiting beliefs and ingrained patterns?

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