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Chiropractics in Birth - Dr. Brandie Nemchenko



Chiropractics in Pregnancy
Dr. Brandie Nemchenko

Today, we talk with Dr. Brandie Nemchenko, CEO of Experience Chiropractic (https://experiencechiropracticnow.com/our-service/chiropractic-care/prenatal-chiropractor/), with offices in southeastern Pennsylvania, and author of What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting (https://www.whatyoudontexpect.com/).

We start with Dr. Brandie telling us the unlikely set of events that led her to specialize in chiropractics in pregnancy and open up Experience Chiropractic. We discuss which question an expecting mother should ask a chiropractor to determine if they will be a good fit. We also talk about the warning signs and red flags to look for to tell if a chiropractor doesn’t actually have experience with pregnancy.

Dr. Brandie warns against chiropractors using electrical muscle stimulation on pregnant women. We then discuss the typical issues and pain that women encounter during pregnancy. We then discuss the scenarios and conditions when chiropractics in pregnancy are unsafe.

We go on to talk more about where to begin when looking for a chiropractor for you. We talk about what the Webster Technique is and when to use it. We also talk more in depth about other conditions and the treatments for them. We finish by talking about the complimentary, alternative methods that Dr. Brandie refers out to in her office.

• 1:03 Dr. Brandie’s Story; What to Look For in a Chiropractor
• 14:21 Typical Issues in Pregnancy
• 25:03 When Is Chiropractics in Pregnancy Unsafe?
• 31:26 How is Chiropractics Different for Pregnant Women?


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In the world of chiropractic medicine, there is a huge deficit in knowledge on how to work with pregnant patients. Without specific training on how a pregnant body differs from that of the usual patient, a chiropractor could be doing much more harm than good, or perhaps just be doing nothing at all. A greater focus on specific prenatal care in the field would introduce a whole new dimension of options for pregnant women to enjoy a pain-free pregnancy.

Sarah and Dr. Brandie dive into the intricacies of prenatal chiropractic and what that means in terms of approach and technique. They also discuss the importance of finding a practitioner that will work with and respect the judgements and boundaries of the patient, and the things that can be done on the road to making pregnancy an experience that can truly be enjoyed.

Dr. Brandie is the CEO of Experience Chiropractic with offices in southeastern Pennsylvania.  She’s a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2002 with Clinical Excellence. She is passionate about helping women bloom into mothers who enjoy being pregnant and move beyond misery. To her there is nothing more gratifying than to help someone take their pain to a manageable level and afford them the ability to concentrate on their baby, comfortably.