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Bumbo Changing Pad - Product Review



Baby goes through an average of 2,200 diapers in his first year! Some parents choose to just put a blanket over the couch, bed, or floor for diaper changes. But I have found that it is really, REALLY nice to have a designated spot for diaper changes that is both comfortable for the baby and also hygienic.

The Bumbo changing pad is a great option when looking for a quality changing mat. Having a comfortable spot to lay makes my baby excited and happy for changing time.

The Bumbo changing pad is a thick, cushioned mat. I like that it is contoured to be more comfortable for baby. It is also nonporous, so it can easily be wiped clean. (Foam changing pads kind of gross me out—there's no way those can be disinfected with all their crevices!) This mat completely eliminates the need for cloth covers that need to be washed. One less thing to wash is a huge perk!

 The word "Bumbo" is on the top of the mat. Bumbo is a reputable brand that introduced a clever baby seat that helps babies learn to sit back in 2001.

You can see how nice and thick this pad is. Other changing mats I've used are pretty flimsy... not this thing! The mat sits nicely on top of our dryer. Mom pro tip-- making your changing station right on top of your washer or dryer is ESPECIALLY nice if you cloth diaper, like we do!

The changing mat comes with a nice buckle. Note that this is something that does NOT come on every changing mat on the market. I honestly used to think that having a buckle would be a silly, useless feature. But since having the Bumbo changing mat, I've been convinced that this is actually a really fantastic feature. Now that my baby is rolling, I can feel confident that he'll stay safe if I need to step away for a minute to grab clean clothes or a new pack of wipes. And the buckle is easy to unbuckle with just one hand.

One of my biggest questions when I buy baby equipment is "how long am I going to be able to use this?" When comparing different changing mats, I noticed that the Bumbo is only 27" long, whereas one of its close competitors, the Keekaroo Peanut Changer, is 32" long. I measured our spot on the dryer, and decided to go with the Bumbo because it would fit a bit better (and was also more affordable)... but I was nervous if this would be big enough for our toddler. The verdict.. It's been totally fine.

My two-year-old has over-hang with his legs, but his bottom still fits comfortably on the mat. It is easy to change him on here, and not being able to have his legs on the mat has not been a problem AT.ALL. He is still quite comfortable on here. You can see he still has about five inches below his bottom. I can definitely see that this mat could be used until baby is potty trained around 2 or 3.

We've owned this mat for 8 months and have used it at every diaper change with two babies (do the math—that is a TON of diaper changes!). This mat has been durable—no peeling or discolouration.


It comes in several different colors—blue, aqua, magenta, or grey. We chose grey because it is gender neutral and we preferred for it to camouflage in our wash room. BUT, I've seen several adorable nurseries where the brighter colors are a cute accent piece that sits on top of a dresser.


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