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Birth Becomes Hers: Choosing Home Birth

The Book



Birth Becomes Her

Go beyond "natural birth" and see birth as it was meant to be - empowered, unhindered, and free.

From her experience as a mother of five (two assisted and three unassisted births), and as a birth and postpartum doula, author Bree Moore offers advice and stories of unassisted birth.

*Why you should consider home birth
*Getting your partner on board
*Unassisted pregnancy and prenatal care supply list
*A unique recipe for healing a perineal tear - with seaweed!
*How to decide who to have at your home birth
*Doulas and unassisted birth
*Building intuition
*Understanding fear and how to handle it
*What to do when someone else calls 9-1-1
*Identifying true emergencies and when to transfer

Birth Becomes Hers also contains a collection of more than 40 planned unassisted home birth stories. Stories include everything from the most straightforward of births to VBAC/HBAC, breech birth, and an unassisted birth of twins. This diverse collection of stories examines freebirth from a variety of angles, offering you the ability to learn and grow on your own path to home birth.

For women who love “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin, “Homebirth on Your Own Terms” by Heather Baker, and “Birth Unhindered” by Tara L McGuire.

"Reading ‘Birth Becomes Hers’ is like having a conversation with an extremely knowledgeable and intuitive best friend! Bree's warmth, compassion and understanding come through on every page as she shares her journey from hospital birth to midwife assisted home birth to freebirth. In addition to Bree's excellent research, she also provides links to articles, podcasts and books that go deeper into the issues many women face when considering having an unassisted birth. Lastly, she allows others to share their own fascinating stories of the challenges and rewards of giving birth at home on their own terms."
-Laura Kaplan Shanley, author of “Unassisted Childbirth”

"Bree Moore's faith in life and in the process of childbirth shines like the sun in ‘Birth Becomes Hers.’ Bree's book is rich in supportive advice, full of inspirational resources and, best of all, packed full with a wealth of diverse freebirth stories! Bree's words ring like the voice of a supportive friend, offering trust in our bodies innate wisdom and strength. I would gladly recommend this book!"
-Sarah M. Haydock, author of “Unhindered Childbirth: Wisdom for the Passage of Unassisted Birth”

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