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Benefits of Talking to your Newborn



Talking to your baby is one of the most important things you can do for them. Here are just a few ways talking to your newborn can help him or her develop:

Language development: Talking to your baby helps them learn language skills. As babies grow, their brains become more and more focused on language development. The more words they hear, the better they understand them — and the more words they will be able to recognize later on.

Emotional health: Studies show that babies who are read to regularly are calmer, happier and more confident children than those who aren't read to often. Reading aloud can also help mom and dad bond with their child while teaching them valuable lessons about life and love through literature.

Brain development: Babies learn by listening to sounds around them; talking to them helps develop their auditory skills, which will later influence how they speak themselves. As babies get older, they'll be able to recognize some of the sounds they've heard — including your voice — which means you'll be able to communicate better with him or her later on in life (as long as he or she hasn't developed an ear infection).