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Bamboo Dry Baby Wipes


As a mum of two daughters with sensitive skin, I wanted baby wipes that are clean, safe, waste limiting, and cruelty-free; all things that are important to me. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find a quality natural and ecological product that would be gentle on their skin. Therefore, I've decided to create what I was looking for! I've spent many months researching & sampling various materials to finally create Disposable Bamboo Dry Baby Wipes. They're made from 100% pure bamboo, so they're incredibly soft, free of icky chemicals & the box is also plastic-free. The wipes are not pre-moistened so there is no risk of bacteria or mould developing. Everything is recyclable & biodegradable.  
They can be used dry or with water when cleaning your baby’s delicate skin or with your favourite solution to remove makeup - and that’s only two of many ways to use them!
If you're wonder how to use these wipes on the go, I have simple answer. In most places I use existing facilities to moisten them with a bit of tap water, if not available, I use a mini spray bottle  (or water from a drink bottle).
I've chosen bamboo because it is environmentally friendly. Bamboo doesn't require pesticides & herbicides and only needs 1/3 of the water that cotton does in order to grow. Since bamboo is a grass species there is no need for replanting. Bamboo is a ‘greener’ material that simply returns to the Earth. The wipes are manufactured mechanically, meaning that wood parts of the bamboo are crushed, and then natural enzymes are used to press the bamboo walls into a paste, so that the natural fibres can be mechanically combed into yarn.
Eco Beginnings Dry Bamboo Wipes are perfect for: Baby Care, Makeup Removing, Personal Care, Pet Care etc.
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