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A good midwife knows when to sit on her/his hands and when to use them.



A question I get asked a lot in consultations is: “What kind of midwife are you?”, to which I usually reply with an explanation that summarizes a blend of traditional holistic and modern approaches.

I am a midwife that will complete ongoing risk assessment for each client at each in-person appointment (BP, Pulse, Fetal Position, UA, FHR, health questions checklist, labs as needed, etc.)

I am a midwife that won’t hesitate to run a lab panel stat or submit an ultrasound request with your consent if we suspect concerning deviations from normal.

I am a midwife who won’t hesitate to consult with another provider or physician in the community if I lack the clinical experience on a certain topic.

I am a midwife who will carefully monitor you and your baby during labor, being soft and deliberate about not disrupting your labor rhythm when possible.

I am a midwife who will recommend transfer to the hospital if it is warranted. I will mourn with you the lose of your “dream birth”, but I will also be there to walk alongside you as you become an empowered voice in the hospital.

I am a midwife who will sit on my hands nearby “ready” if you want to receive your own baby.

I am a midwife that believes you won’t need me to intervene most of the time, but if you do - I’ll be ready. ❤️