Nurses and midwives practicing in Liberia face a unique challenge. They have the knowledge and skill to provide life-saving birth care to thousands of impoverished women each year, but they struggle to get the supplies they need to do their jobs. Most Liberian birth workers refuse to turn away women who are unable to pay for their care, but it leaves them trying to gather supplies out of their own pockets. Without assistance from the government to treat their patients for free, they also lack important monitoring equipment that they need to give ultrasounds and monitor fetal health. The knowledge is there, they just need the supplies.

Birth Circle is partnering with Liberian nurse and midwife Marcia Stevens to gather the resources she needs to stock her clinic with supplies, as well as providing supplies for other midwives in her area. Below is included a list of everyday midwifery supplies that Marcia is vitally in need of, as well as shipping addresses, and places where you can donate directly to her. For larger equipment, we have set up donation pools to cover the purchase and shipping of prenatal monitoring equipment. 

If you can spare the funds or the effort, you can help Liberian midwives in their efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates drastically. Every bit helps! 


Supplies Needed (Prices included for specific cash donation amounts) :

 Basic Sanitary Supplies (The need for these is ongoing, so you can donate them at any time) -

Basic Medical Equipment - 

Large Monitoring and Testing Equipment- 


How to Donate

You can send a secure donation through Birth Circle here. Based on product availability in Liberia we will transfer the money to Marcia to purchase supplies, or we will purchase in the U.S. and ship them to her.

The best way to donate directly to Marcia is through Western Union, MoneyGram, or RIA money transfer. Her email address for that is:

You can ship basic supplies to Marcia at this address:

P.O. BOX 10_ 0039 11th/12th STREETS,

TELEPHONE 231261024 or 231886556869

Please note that international shipping to Monrovia can be unreliable, so please track any basic supply shipments closely and use the numbers provided to confirm arrival. 

We have an associate travelling to Liberia in September of 2021, so if you have any physical donations that you are concerned about mailing, contact us at and let us know so we can arrange to send it along with them at that time.