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Brilliant Birth Academy

What You'll Learn:
  • You’ll Discover:
  • The secret to understanding dosage guidelines. This will be vital to your reputation. Plus the exact questions to ask that will ensure you have to get all the information you need for best recommendations.
  • How to be articulate and confident explaining the science behind the results of your offerings so you can nail those ‘closing the deal’ conversations & feel at peace charging for your valuable service. BONUS Use our done-for-you scripts to best communicate the value of the services you offer.
  • The single most transformative potential of the medicinally-used placenta. And why no other schools are teaching this simple, specific medicinal application.
  • The surprisingly easy, mindset shift you need to be completely natural, easy, and free when talk about (and asking for) money.
  • The number one reason clients ask for a refund and ways to reduce this from happening.
  • How to help clients feel confident and comfortable within five minutes at your first meeting. We’ll give you advanced training to create excellent rapport.
  • Plus: Get multi-media marketing materials, done-for you client scripts, legal contracts, and other valuable professional assets.

Ashley Houchin

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Placenta Encapsulation Training Program

Course Description

A Brilliant Birth Academy trained Placenta Encapsulator is a healing birth professional who prepares the placenta into potent therapeutic remedies to nourish newborn mothers during the critical postpartum period.

What Do Placenta Encapsulators Do?
Placenta Encapsulators use several methods to turn the hormones, trace elements, stem cells, vitamins, and other placental nutrients into gentle maternal supplements. Placental remedies are part of the abundant provision of nature to support the vital and blissful state of bonding between mother and child; it supports postpartum energy, rejuvenation, and therapeutic rest.

Is Placenta Encapsulation Certification Right For You?
For those of us who want to make the world a little bit more like heaven on earth, one of the most meaningful investments we can make are those into families around the crucial time of birth. We believe that the first bond between mother and child is a connection that can grow to heal and restore every other area of disconnection in our world.

Placenta encapsulation is a meaningful, flexible career where you can serve at the time of birth, without the demands of being an ‘on-call’ birth professional. It’s also a great foundation for future expansion into additional service offerings. If you have a deeply felt calling to support newborn mothers with the placenta’s unique properties, you’re in the right place!

Ashley Houchin created this online start-when-you’re-ready course out of a desire to support aspiring encapsulators with a course filled with the detailed information you’ll need to professionally answer all your client’s why questions, the media, social, finance, and business training to have your business thriving from day one, and the communal support to celebrate your journey into a new level of service.

Course Features

  • Printable Worksheets
  • 40 hours of video
  • Time to Complete: 40 hours plus course assignments
  • Lifetime Access
  • Level: Beginner
  • Subtitles: NO
  • Certificate