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Brilliant Birth Academy

What You'll Learn:
  • Comprehensive Safety Training
  • Experience our premier safety training courses which distill an enormous volume of evidence-based research into laser-focused application strategies curated just for birthworkers. We’re committed to increasing safety knowledge and reducing adverse reactions in birth.
  • The 10 Best Oils for Birth
  • You should never excessively layer multiple different oils during labor; the number of oils (even in a long birth) should be limited. This natural restriction enables students to gain a professional level of confidence in the masterful application of the ten best oils for birth.
  • The Brilliant Oil Spectrum
  • The therapeutic range of safe and effective oil use in birth should be more conservative than traditional aromatherapy recommendations. Recieve your oils education for birth from a trusted institution that specializes in oils for birth!

Stephanie Lind, Kelly Sullivan

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Essential Oils Birth Consultant Certification Program

Course Description

This Certification from Brilliant Birth Academy builds on our academy’s acclaimed safety training by adding an evidence-based practice-focused curriculum that gives a comprehensive education on the best oils for birth that are applied according to our Academy’s unique therapeutic guidelines. Now is the best time ever to discover your passion for oils during our first ever Holiday Sale.

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