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Adore Your Pelvic Floor Kickstart

Course Description

Day 1:
Introduction: My Story & My Why
Prehab & Rehab For The Pelvic Floor
Bonus: 5 Phases Of Pelvic Health & Wellness

Day 2:
What Is The Pelvic Floor?
Why Is The Pelvic Floor Important?
What Are The Functions Of The Pelvic Floor?
How Is It Different From OB/GYN Or Midwife Exams?
Bonus: Pelvic Floor Personality Test

Day 3:
Foundations of Movement- Breathing
Beyond Kegels- Why Kegels Are Not The Answer To Everything
Bonus: Pelvic Screening Tool

Day 4:
How To Find The Right Provider For You
How To Find A Pelvic Rehab Provider
Bonus: 12 Days Of Optimal Pooping

Day 5:
Fascia and How Everything Is Connected
Magic Trick To Help Ease Tension In The Pelvic Floor
Optimal Health & Wellness
Special Announcement-Preview of The Optimal Vagina: Beyond Kegels

Course Features

  • Lifetime Access
  • Level: Beginner
  • Subtitles: NO