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Maria Chowdhury

I am serving women and their families during some of the most pivotal moments of their lives. As guardians of birth, midwives strive to educate and empower women so they have the confidence to birth the way they want. Midwives are well trained and skilled birth professionals. Pregnancy is normal, healthy, and physiologically sound. It does not require unnecessary medical intervention to have a positive outcome.

Credentials: BIO & CREDENTIALS----Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) 1996. Graduate of Jean Millers School of Massage Technology, 1996. Graduate of Arkansas Midwives School and Services, a nationally accredited midwifery school, 2003. Arkansas Licensed Midwife (LM) 2004
Company: Birth Song Midwifery Inc.
Office: (479) 718-0841
Listing id# 407


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on 05/15/2017

After our first meeting with Maria, we really liked how she conducted both the business AND personal aspects of childbirth...The care was thorough, reasonable, professional, and most of all, SAFE. She took things like our fears, faith, physicality, and emotions into consideration and believed as we did, that all of these things are important when preparing for birth.

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