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Lorene is the founder of Glitter & Spice, which is a Canadian company who has been recognized time and time again for their strong commitment in creating award winning premium baby products that keeps babies (and parents) happy! Glitter & Spice was born in 2015 when Lorene was inspired to create a teething solution that was safe and on-trend when her youngest started teething. Glitter & Spice quickly gained popularity and was featured in many magazines, news stations, radio, and other print and online media. With all the buzz and success, Glitter & Spice went on to win one of the Top Small Businesses in BC Award in 2016, became an Official Partner of Big Dreams for TD, and has received the Seal of Excellence, Top Choice, and Product of the Year awards. Glitter & Spice was also recently featured as the Manufacturer of the Month in Baby Maternity Magazine! Glitter & Spice products are beautifully designed with functionality and safety as a top priority. When it comes to teething, feeding, or sleeping, they are sure to have the perfect product for your little one! Glitter & Spice products are sold in stores and online worldwide and has since expanded to include other baby product categories such as tableware, and sleep bags. Their mission is to create products to celebrate every milestone your little ones go through.  If you are interested in seeing what Glitter & Spice has to offer, head on over to www.glitterandspice.ca!

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