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Seamstress, Mother, Business Owner, University Graduate

Home Sewn is a small business specializing in handmade, sustainable bonnets for babies and children. All fabrics that are used are 100% sustainably sourced, and each bonnet is cut, sewn and quality checked by the owner, Rosemary Hansen, a young mama in the Utah Valley. Rosemary believes that living intentionally and exploring the world with our children is one of the most meaningful and important things we can do, so she created a beautiful, eco-friendly, product that makes it easy to explore our beautiful earth without sacrificing style or quality. As a young mama with a natural creative drive, Rosemary began sewing bonnets for her own child, in an effort to give her daughter a warm head in fall and winter, or a cool, protected head in spring or summer. She wanted it to stay put on her little ones head while also being something that she would want to cherish long past her childhood so future children down the line could wear it too. Rosemary's love for bonnets has only grown and because of her passion for the handmade, she decidedly developed her own bonnet patterns and Home Sewn was born, so that others could have high quality bonnets for their babes, straight from one home to another. Home Sewn is more than just a product, it’s a lifestyle and a community. We advocate for living slowly and giving yourself space to care for you and living presently among our families as a way to cultivate the life you want.

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