Call The Midwife Utah

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75 mile radius from Pleasant Grove, ut





Call The Midwife Utah was created by the Traditional Midwife, Dianne Bjarnson. It's made up of a collection of individual midwifery practices serving the state of Utah. The midwives range from the area of Salem to Tooele area. We collaborate professionally to problem solve and back each other up for births and consults. This helps the mother have the best prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. We utilize our different backgrounds and expertise to give respectful hands-on care. We prioritize nutrition and herbal use during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Free consultations are available in person or by phone (during a virus outbreak or emergency guidance). Our website,, and our Facebook page offer lots of resources to mothers. These resources include classes, pregnancy and postpartum education. We want to guide you to a great midwife. You can message our Facebook page in an emergency or if you need help in choosing what midwife would be best for you.

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